Theft in Mozambique disrupts outreach for audio Scripture ministry

By November 4, 2008

Mozambique (MNN) — Newly
discovered vandalism in Xai-Xai , Mozambique could complicate outreach for the recording team of Audio
Scripture Ministries

ASM's missionary Chad Vandenbosch arrived at their project site with
the goal of doing some expansion work to the existing studio.   However, that got sidetracked because the
equipment was sluggish.   Once
everything inside checked out, the team headed for the roof.

ASM's Tom Dudenhofer says,
"Somebody had dismantled, lowered and carried away at least ten solar
panels off the roof of the Bible college. " 
It was the last thing they'd expected, because the panels sit atop a
three story building.

"It's a huge setback for the
ministry," explains Dudenhofer, adding, "The entire power system, if you want to call it that, was built around the
solar panels recharging the batteries, which in turn, was used for powering all
of the studio equipment." 

For now, the team is in a holding
pattern. They're facing the challenge of
coming up with the funds to replace the panels in order to continue this
critical support to evangelism. There
are many people who believe that groups with North American ties would be able
to quickly replace stolen equipment. That mindset does little to deter
theft. In this case, the nationals own
the project, so they will be the taking on the responsibility for the solar
panel replacement.

Plans are still moving forward on a second recording area that will
allow them to work on two Scripture recordings at a time. Once that is
completed,  they hope to work on New Testament
recordings in both the Sena and Tsonga languages.  

Dudenhofer says, "We'd
like people to pray for the believers in this particular area. This is a new
type of evangelism for them.  It
supplements their church planting, and their Bible college and  some of the other ministries are there. But
putting God's Word in audio for the many, many people that don't read is sort
of a new thought."

ASM has set a goal of placing 1000 Scripture players in Mozambique in
the coming year, and many churches and Sunday School classes have already signed
up to help them reach this goal. If you
can help with this project, click here.


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