Theme for largest National Day of Prayer on record: ‘Pray for America’

By May 2, 2013

USA (NDOP/MNN) — The United States of America is rooted in Christianity.

And yet, says the National Day of Prayer (NDOP) Task Force, atheists and anti-religion lobbyists are constantly attacking the United States' Judeo-Christian foundation.

Today, on the National Day of Prayer, millions are uniting in direct opposition to these attacks. According to the NDOP Task Force, today's event will be the largest prayer day on record. Individuals are being asked to pray, petition, and be a voice of reason.

To learn more about the National Day of Prayer or to find an event in your community, click here.

During last year's elections, the sanctity of human life, preservation of marriage, defense of Israel, and religious freedoms became a center point of criticism and attack. Many were unaware of a new aggressive, socialistic agenda sweeping across the land, says the NDOP Task Force.

"Abraham Lincoln, quoting from the biblical passage of Mark 3:24, boldly stated that 'a house (nation) divided against itself cannot stand,'" says John Bornschein, Vice Chairman of the NDOP Task Force.

But eyes are being opened, and the NDOP Task Force says their outcry is significant. The Task Force designated "Pray for America" as today's theme and chose Matthew 12:21 as this year's Scripture: "In His name the nations will put their hope."

Pastor Greg Laurie, the group's 2013 Honorary Chairman, wrote a special prayer to be simultaneously read throughout the country at noon (EDT).

The NDOP Task Force says this reading will trigger a huge wave of prayer, flowing from one coast to another, acknowledging God's dominion over circumstances and illustrating the unity of His people.

Join believers throughout the United States in praying for this nation. Pray that the Lord will move through the petitions of His people.

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