There are blank bibles — even in the USA

By November 9, 2010

USA (MNN) — There are still 2,200 language groups that don't even have one verse of Scripture in their heart language.

Jonathan Kern with The Seed Company says, "For them the Bible is essentially blank. But we've also learned recently–and it's been something that the church here in the United States is concerned about–that we as American Christians don't even read the Scriptures. We don't read our Bible. And so for us, the Bible is also blank."

That's why The Seed Company started the "Blank Bible Challenge." Kern says it serves a two-fold purpose: "To increase Scripture appreciation. And as a part of that, make available the opportunity for people to partner with languages around the world and provide them the resources so that the Bible can be translated into those languages for the very first time."

The Blank Bible Challenge was launched in October. "We've had over 500 churches request a preview kit. Many of those churches are looking at the challenge and looking at the month of January as the best month for them to roll out the challenge," says Kern.

During that time, The Seed Company is encouraging the church to adopt a language group. For $26, an individual can sponsor the translation of one verse of the Bible in a new language. It's part of their OneVerse ministry. Kern says, "It simply takes 250 monthly partners to commit to partner with that group for a period of 48 months."

According to Kern, these two projects have helped accelerate Bible translation through their ministry. "We have probably seen nearly 50 percent growth over just the past year, of people who are very interested in Bible translation."

Kern says they're just finishing up the "Hope Restored Tour" featuring musical artists Big Daddy Weave, Aaron Shust, and Andy Kirk. The tour enlisted more than 800 new supporters of languages in Tanzania.

Kern says there's plenty of time for you or your church to get involved in the Seed Company's Blank Bible Challenge and OneVerse campaigns.

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