There are great hopes for a spring of hope via radio.

By February 8, 2005

International (MNN)–Evangelist Sammy Tippit has great hopes for Christian radio broadcasts and who they will reach.

He has a series airing in April that will target some of the serious issues that Iranian youth face. Tippit hopes the sessions will help Persian youths to know and worship God.

While many do respond to the Gospel, as evidenced by response to the current STM outreach, some believers have felt the weight of the government’s disapproval.

The Iranian government, in the past, has strictly limited the activities of Christians in Iran, closing down churches and arresting known converts to Christianity.

However, the church leaders and support from evangelists like Tippit, have encouraged them to continue in their faith walk. In Iran and in neighboring Pakistan, believers have told STM that they are recording Tippit’s messages and passing them out to friends, thus, multiplying STM’s outreach.

Meanwhile, half a world away, Romanian radio broadcasts are airing in 7 different cities in Romania. The hope of Christ can be heard nearly every day of the week throughout this area. Pray that God will use these to save the lost and encourage the church.

The Romanian church continues to grow and be one of the most alive Evangelical communities in all of Europe. Remember to pray for the new Christian leadership that is presently being trained in the country.

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