There is still (World) Hope

By February 4, 2009

International (MNN) — World Hope International will not back down despite changes in economy and government in 2009.

It is evident that vast changes have swept across the globe within the past year, and even into 2009. World Hope's David Erickson does not hesitate to point out that not all of those changes are positive.

"For us it has been as important to identify and reclaim what can't change," says Erickson. "What we're clear about here at World Hope International is that the motivation for our work has not changed and cannot change. We seek to glorify the Lord and extend His love, care, and hope to people who desperately need to know that it is real and  need to experience it in their lives."

In the midst of a global food crisis, various wars and worldwide economic recession, World Hope remains strong in their convictions and ministries. The organization continues to do what they can to put an end to human trafficking. They also continue to fight the rise in urban poverty with education.

World Hope also has created new ways to produce more food as well as to generate income through micro-loans for those who are on the receiving end of the global food crisis.

Clean water also has been a central focus to the ministry, as they continue to send out trained crews to provide purified water for those who are still without.

Although economic times have been rough, Erickson sees it as a chance to ask God to rekindle the joy of giving and to trust Him. He asks you to pray with him for World Hope and its ministry.

When it comes down to it, World Hope's vision is absolutely centered around Jesus Christ. "Our mandate is to make a difference in people's reality now in such a way that God can use us to make a difference in their realities for eternity."

If you would like to help World Hope stay on this path of stability and motivation financially, click here.

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