There’s a celebration of freedom taking place in Haiti.

By February 10, 2005

Haiti (MNN)–Men For Missions International, the layman’s voice of OMS International, says despite heightened political tensions and the ruin left by natural disaster, there is a celebration of freedom.

Warren Hardig of Men for Missions explains that it’s a freedom that comes in Christ. “In Jeremie, we have a team there doing radio distribution and evangelism. We should have received or will be receiving this week about 22-thousand more fix-tuned solar powered radios in Haiti.”

When Operation Saturation (OpSat) began, Men for Missions asked their teams for a five-year commitment to complete the goal of saturating all of Haiti with a radio signal, small solar-powered radios, prayer, and the Gospel.

Hardig says 2004 ended before they met Operation Saturation’s goal, but rather than be discouraged, “We have started a new program in Haiti called ‘New Day.’ We want to complete the other two downlink stations; we want to work on the three existing downlink stations to saturate Haiti with the gospel by radio distribution–fix-tuned radios to Radio 4VEH, the Evangelical Voice of Haiti in Cap Haitien.”

As an extension to the OpSat vision, they will now include opportunities to underwrite specific radio broadcast segments as well as related ministries that God calls them to support.

The effort is longstanding. New believers must continue to be discipled and nurtured. New churches must be established. Pastors and Christian leaders throughout the land must be trained and encouraged. And news and other information over the radio such as health, homemaking, agriculture, weather, Christian music, and the comfort of prayer must and will continue.

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