There’s a reprieve for Christian workers in Northern India.

By March 17, 2005

India (MNN)–There’s good news and not so good news from northern India regarding a threat against Gospel For Asia workers.

Rebel insurgents threatened to totally destroy the ministry in northern India if their demand for 186-thousand dollars wasn’t met by March 10th.

However, in an e-mail report from GFA president KP Yohannan, he credits prayer for a deadline extension. But, the good news comes with a warning that the danger has not yet passed.

Yohannan says the rebel leaders have decided to ‘study’ the ministry first. What makes this so unusual is that this group is one that has never backed down in the past and has enforced its demands in blood.

Continue to pray on behalf of GFA and their workers. Yohannan says, “Praise God! Everyone is safe for now. We don’t know whether ‘more time’ is a few more days or perhaps a few weeks, but it is clear that God has intervened and touched their hearts in a favorable way for now.”

Now that the group will be scrutinizing GFA’s work, pray that God will open the hearts of these men to the message of salvation, and that they will turn from serving the god of this world to serving the God who died to save them.

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