Thimar-LSESD meets physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in the MENA

By February 2, 2024

Middle East/North Africa (MNN) — It’s hard to find a location in the Middle East/North Africa region that’s not affected by conflict in one way or another.

Hunter Williamson with Thimar-LSESD says, “There are conflicts here in Lebanon [and] down to Sudan, Yemen, Libya. We’re in a very difficult and dark time; we need a lot of prayer.”

Thimar-LSESD serves the MENA region through six branches of ministry organized into three divisions: church discipleship, inclusive education, and community development. More about that here.

“Some staff from one of LSESD’s ministries, Middle East Revive And Thrive, went to Ethiopia to host a basic relief training event that included (Sudanese) pastors who had previously studied at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary,” Williamson says.

“This training was meant to teach pastors who have been displaced by the conflict basic skills for how to provide relief to the communities, if and when the situation allows,” he continues.

“We still have brothers and sisters who are being affected every single day by these conflicts.”

Habil, a Sudanese graduate from ABTS. (Photo courtesy of Arab Baptist Theological Seminary)

Sudan’s unrelenting war makes relief and development work practically impossible.

“We hope that when the situation becomes a bit more stable, and these pastors can return … that they’ll be able to help with relief efforts … both for their church members and their community at large,” Williamson says.

“It is critical that regional organizations like LSESD continue to provide the limited help that is reaching them.”

Thimar-LSESD reaches refugees and other vulnerable populations for Christ through its community development branches. Needs have only increased across the MENA region over the past decade.

Ask the Lord to provide all the resources needed to continue this vital work. Consider partnering financially with Thimar-LSESD to meet urgent needs in the MENA region.

“We not only hope to develop leaders. We also want to complement this work with tangible service-based efforts, going out and providing relief to affected people,” Williamson says.



Header image courtesy of Thimar-LSESD.

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