‘Thirst’ Conference designed for dehydrated Christians

By September 13, 2006

USA (MNN) — If you ask Trent Griffith of Life Action Ministries what the state of most American Christians and churches is today, he’ll tell you they are ‘dehydrated.’

But it’s not the liquid stuff they need to tap into, says the revivalist, but rather the ‘living water’ Jesus promised believers in the Gospel of John, chapter 4. That’s why Life Action, North America’s largest revival ministry, has created THIRST, an on-site conference for churches designed to help bring about renewal and revival at both personal and congregational levels.

Griffith says there are three different people in the church today. “There are people who are thirsty and know it. There are people who are thirsty and know it, but won’t acknowledge it. And then, there are people who are thirsty and they don’t know it yet. They’re trying to satisfy those thirsts that ultimately don’t satisfy.”

According to Griffith that thirst can only be quenched by one person. “We just want to say that Jesus was the fountain of living water. And he said, if anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink and He’s ultimately the only thing that will satisfy.”

Thirst consists of their 19-member team that goes into a church, engages participants, and helps them discover a deeper understanding about God and their God-given purposes. As a result, they are energized, and the stage is set for revival.

Participants learn about biblical examples of men and women who discovered a new outlook on life as they thirsted after God and His Word, says Griffith. Topics covered include: Uncovering Your Real Need for God, Desire/Pleasure, Materialism, Repentance, Making a Commitment and more.

According to Griffith, as people’s lives are renewed spiritually, it can’t help but have an impact on their communities. “Many times, what we find when we come into a church, is we find people that meet with God in a fresh new way and one of the fruits of revival is that they’re ready to go out and evangelize the lost.”

For more than three decades, Life Action Ministries has been working with churches and clergy within the United States to help bring about revival. Ministry outreaches include: Revival Summits, extended on-site meetings for churches; The Lodge, a pastors and marriage retreat ministry; Revive Our Hearts, women’s radio ministry, featuring Nancy Leigh DeMoss; and Collegiate Impact, a ministry to college campuses across America.

If you’d like to invite “Thirst” to your church, click on the link listed here.

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