This Giving Tuesday, help advance the Gospel in India

By November 19, 2018

USA (MNN) — Have you started defrosting your Turkey yet? Thanksgiving is coming up this Thursday in the United States. Shortly after that comes Black Friday, then Cyber Monday, then Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday serves to bookend the Thanksgiving season. After we’ve taken time to thank the Lord for the ways He has blessed us, we can then turn around and bless others as well.

Mission India is of the ministries you can give to and support this Giving Tuesday! Through Mission India, you can sponsor any of their three Gospel ministries in India – Children’s Bible Clubs, Adult Literacy Classes, or Church Planter Trainings.

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

Mission India’s Erik* says they recently launched a new program called The Momentum.

“It’s a monthly giving program and the idea is that each month, you would get uniquely tailored content that would be sent to your inbox each month. If you chose to sponsor your own Children’s Bible Club or Adult Literacy Class or Church Planter Training, you would get a story each month from one of those programs.

“Then, every six months, we would give you kind of like a report card of how many people you have reached because of your monthly giving. So it’s something that we are really excited about because it gives you this tangible feeling of, not only are you giving this money to this organization like Mission India, but now we’re reporting back to you saying, ‘Because of you’re giving, these three or four or ten or one hundred kids each year are being reached by the power of the Gospel.’”

Even though India has seen a recent uptick in Christian persecution, Mission India is determined to stand with our Christian brothers and sisters in India and empower them to spread the Gospel. And they need your help!

“We’ve really seen just some fantastic stories coming back from our year-long Children’s Bible Clubs. Kids [are] for the first time getting to hear the Gospel and then they’re taking that Gospel message and they’re bringing it home to their families and they’re reaching their parents and their parents are coming to know Jesus,” encourages Erik.

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

“The same with Adult Literacy Classes. We see time after time these adults who begin to understand what it means to read and how to read, how to do math, and have a fifth-grade education — and all while they’re learning how to do that, [they are] engaging the Bible.”

If you give just $24 a month to Mission India’s Children’s Bible Club, you provide for 12 kids to be in the year-long Bible club. Giving $40 a month to the Adult Literacy Classes covers the cost of the class for 12 adults over the course of a year.

“With Church Planter Training, it’s the same idea,” Erik explains. “But instead of reaching multiple people…a year, you are reaching one church planter a year at $200 a month and that church planter is reaching 600 families a year.”

Click here to donate to Mission India and join The Momentum!

Even if you are not able to give right now, something everybody can do is pray. Please ask God to bless Mission India’s ministry and the indigenous Christian workers who carry out these programs. Pray for the Holy Spirit to draw the nation of India to God and that those who oppose the Gospel would have their hearts opened to biblical truth.



Header photo courtesy of Mission India.


*Name changed for security purposes.

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