This Giving Tuesday, give with intentionality

By November 29, 2019

USA (MNN) — As leftover Thanksgiving turkey and pies are stored away, Americans’ attentions turn today to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A day of gratitude followed by an extended weekend of spending is chock-full of irony.

But serving as a bookend is Giving Tuesday on December 3 — a day for people to give generously to ministries and non-profits as an outpouring from thankful hearts.

Wendy Nagle with Global Disciples encourages believers to consider how we can give this coming Giving Tuesday to advance the spread of the Gospel.

“As far as Giving Tuesday, studies show that the Lord has provided resources to this generation that are sufficient to accomplish the Great Commission to reach every tribe, nation, and tongue. We are just believing and encouraging your listeners to imagine along with us — what would happen if the global Body of Christ strategically reflected God’s love with Giving Tuesday?

Once you’ve decided to give, the choice of where to send your funds can seem overwhelming. With so many ministries out there advancing the Great Commission, which ones should you support?

First, you can responsibly give by looking up ministries on GuideStar USA. GuideStar is a service reporting on US nonprofits and their programs, financials, and operations.

Next, Nagle offers these additional tips: “Be intentional. As you look at opportunities to give, give to where God has placed your heart and your call.

“Then pray strategically. How can you best give on that day?

(Photo courtesy of Global Disciples)

“And finally, give generously. God doesn’t call us to give simply from our abundance, but from scarcity as well. And certainly, every dollar on Giving Tuesday can be part of a transformational message around the world.”

Global Disciples is a platinum-level GuideStar participant with a commitment to transparency. Their ministry partners with churches in 57 countries for discipleship-mission training, small business training, and leadership training.

Giving to Global Disciples means helping them partner with these churches. In their training programs, Global Disciples allows seed funding for a maximum of three years, and they cover up to 50 percent of the training cost.

“So the opportunity of investing in Global allows for a partnership that is literally matched two-for-one by our partners who are working with us in those 57 countries,” Nagle says. “It’s an investment with an amazing return, and it’s a return with eternal consequences.”

(Photo courtesy of Global Disciples)

Every year, Global Disciples sees tens of thousands of people start relationships with Jesus through their church partners.

To partner with Global Disciples financially, click here!

Then, whether you donate regularly or on Giving Tuesday, commit to following-up your dollars with prayer.

Nagle asks, “As we’re moving into more and more restricted regions, [pray] for wisdom — wisdom for the partnerships in those areas, wisdom for clarity, and wisdom for how to appropriately manage security related to those areas.”

Pray also for the Body of Christ this Giving Tuesday to give from an outpouring of generous and thankful hearts to the Lord.

“A generosity day — and specifically a generosity day where we can focus on the Great Commission — is an amazing opportunity to honor God and allow thanksgiving to pile up in His column.”



Header photo courtesy of Leone Venter via Unsplash.

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