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By May 8, 2019

United States (MNN) – Pentecost Sunday is one month away. The day marks ten days after Christ’s ascension, when the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples. It is also considered the launch of the global movement to spread the Gospel. It is fitting that the Alliance for the Unreached chose this day to holds its annual International Day for the Unreached (IDU). In 2019, the day falls on June 9.

Alliance for the Unreached is a movement meant to unite the Church through the work of churches, organizations, and individuals for the purpose of reaching every unreached people group (UPGs) with the Gospel. Promptly put, it is a collaborative to fulfill the Great Commission.

An Urgency and Hunger

Matt Knisely with the Seed Company says the organization joined the Alliance to alleviate the painful reality that there are people who do not yet have the opportunity to know Jesus or His love and truth.

“I started thinking about what it says in Ecclesiastes 4:12, about the three-fold cord, and thinking this is what is going to change the trajectory of the world, and the Kingdom of a body, a group, an alliance coming together, working in unity, to see God’s kingdom grow, and see the unreachable with word and with God,” Knisely says.

International day for the unreached

(Photo courtesy of Alliance for the Unreached)

The Alliance echoes a call felt throughout the global body of Christ—unity. In 2018 the themes for Missio Nexus and the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) conferences revolved around the idea of partnership within the Church. It resembles the threads of a tapestry woven together for the purpose of God. But in this interwoven unity is a sense of urgency.

“When I have gone to countries, such as Kenya or Zambia this past year, there is just a hunger that is there. And in a strong urgency, I feel that not only within the organizations, but in the countries that I visited, that desperately, desperately want to be reached,” Knisely says.

How to Get Involved

Knisely says it is time for Christians to deeply invest through prayer and even financial support in efforts to make the Gospel known among all nations of the world. Curious about the how? Invest in a translation project with the Seed Company.

The Seed Company is in the work of accelerating Bible translation. Their goal—to have God’s word in every heart language that needs it by 2025. Learn how to get involved here.

(Photo courtesy of Alliance for the Unreached)

“We have the Bible, we take it for granted that I can just open my mobile phone, and read the Bible right there when halfway around the world that little girl doesn’t know that Jesus loves her. And when you see somebody, for the first time, get God’s word. And you see the tears streaming down their face, it totally changes your perception,” Knisely says.

In the days leading up to Pentecost Sunday and the International Day for the Unreached, spend time invested in prayer. Ask God to provide the resources and forge the paths of making the Gospel available in every language so that those who do not know Him would have the opportunity to build a relationship with Jesus.

Learn more about the International Day for the Unreached here!

To get involved with the Seed Company, click here.



Header photo courtesy of Alliance for the Unreached.

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