Thousand die from malaria annually

By February 20, 2012

International (MNN) — The World Health Organization had reported that there were 650,000 people who die of malaria every year. Unfortunately, that statistic isn't as accurate as everyone thought. The latest statistics are much higher than that.

Casey See is with E3 Partners Malaria Cube. He says, "There [are] over 1 million deaths every year in the world due to malaria. And in one way, shape, or form, two-thirds of the world's population is affected by malaria."

That's why E3 Partners created the Malaria Cube. It's a puzzle-like cube with pictures on it. With proper training, a person can teach a community about malaria prevention and treatment.

Because the problems is so wide-spread, Malaria Cube and World Vision are partnering together. They recently held a pilot training session in Kenya to train 400 trainers. "They're reporting that only 55% of the people that they've been working with over there understand that malaria comes from a mosquito bite."

That's why the Malaria Cube is important. See says, "It simply and clearly goes through the facts of what malaria is, what causes malaria, how to prevent malaria, and what to do when you get malaria. Also, the symptoms of malaria."

Because the Malaria Cube is wordless, it can be used by anyone. See says, "We hopefully will be taking in tens of thousands of Malaria Cubes very soon as soon as the funding comes in to distribute amongst the people, the medical facilities (which we visited)." The minister of education also wants to use it in schools across the country.

Is the Malaria Cube evangelistic? See says, "The end of the message is not necessarily a Gospel message, but it is a message about healing and hope. And there are many of the leaders who saw that as a lead-in to the simple message of the Gospel."

The Malaria Cube is modeled after the EvangeCube, which is an overt evangelistic message.

Funding is needed to help supply Malaria Cubes in countries affected by this deadly disease. If you'd like to help, click here.

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