Thousands of Italians catch a ‘GEM’ of a vision

By June 8, 2007

Italy (MNN) — Years of misrepresentation of the Christian faith in Italy and throughout Europe has given birth to skepticism, disillusionment, and unbelief.

Now, people are turning to cults, the occult, New Age movements, and the sweeping Islamic movement.

In 1958, Greater Europe Mission began ministry in the country, and eventually founded the Italian Bible Institute in Rome to teach the Bible and equip Italian believers for ministry to their people.

According to GEM, the Institute was turned over to the Italian leadership in the late 1990's, marking a momentous occasion of GEM's work there.

Since then, the ministry has been building. Today. GEM reports good news from Italy. Their work has narrowed focus on equipping Italian believers for true community impact.

The team recently launched the "Mission For You" website, designed to help grow churches and start new ones. So far, more than 65-000 Italians have consulted the website

Thousands more have downloaded the Omega Course for church planters. The course is the only training manual for church planters in the Italian language and is made available free of charge on GEM's "Mission For You" website. 

Pray that those using it would catch the vision for multiplying churches throughout Italy.


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