Threats of Violence isn’t stopping audio scripture distribtion in India.

By September 12, 2003

India (MNN) — Threats of violence aren’t stopping an audio Scripture ministry from a new emphasis. It’s called, “Word For the Family” and sponsored by Audio Scripture Ministries of Holland, Michigan.

Audio Scripture’s Tom Dudenhofer says their staff hasn’t experienced any violence, but… “One of our workers was threatened with having his children kidnapped, but none of that has taken place. So, the believers tell us that they just have to be careful. There are some areas where they really can’t come out and make any sort of a public scene about their faith in Jesus Christ. But, they still are able to supply the tapes.”

So, Dudenhofer says they’re continuing their new emphasis on providing a scripture players and tapes to non-reading Indian families. He says these tapes are very effective. “Our partners in India say that, typically, when one of these kits is distributed to a family that, in a period, of about six months, it’s not uncommon for about eight people to make a very solid decision about Jesus Christ.”

25-thousand families are being targeted over the next five years, at a cost of 50-dollars per family.

Dudenhofer says the program is very succesful and there’s only one thing holding them back from doing more languages. Dudenhofer says, “we have six languages that are waiting to be recorded.” He says it costs about $2,200 per language to produce.

Dudenhofer is encouraging churches to support this. “We’re suggestion that churches consider the possibility of taking on a language. Or, perhaps if they don’t want to do that we’re also recommending that Sunday School classes, or their youth groups, etc. taking on several families at $50 each.”

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