Three ways Iran hurts women

By January 17, 2023

Iran (MNN) — A concerted push for women’s rights began the movement we see today in Iran. A closer examination reveals three ways Iran violates women and girls.

(Graphic courtesy of Transform Iran)

First, society says women are worthless. “The women of Iran have been brought up in a Muslim culture,” Lana Silk explains. Silk is the U.S.-based CEO of Transform Iran, an unfoldingWord partner.

“The Muslim culture says that a woman’s worth is less than half that of a man; even a camel could be valued more than a woman.”

Second, feelings of worthlessness often lead to self-harm and reckless living. “Women find themselves trapped in abuse, prostitution, and then looking to drugs to numb the pain,” Silk says.

“Right now, there’s easy access to opiate drugs from Afghanistan, and not much has been done about it.”

Third, there’s the “temporary marriage” rule. This loophole in Islamic law allows a man to marry a woman or girl for however long he wants.

“He can take a 10-year-old girl to [an] Islamic leader and ask that person to bless a temporary marriage. That temporary marriage could be two hours; a week. It creates legalized abuse,” Silk says.

“It cements the sense that women are only good for the pleasure and agenda of men around them.”

Through “Pearl of Persia,” Transform Iran introduces women and girls to a new identity. The program tells women, “You may have heard otherwise, but Jesus says you are worthy of His love; you are a jewel in His crown,” Silk says.

Women aren’t the only ones receiving Christ’s healing and hope through this program. Learn how you can help Iran’s outcasts here.




Header and story images courtesy of Transform Iran.

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