Three ways to have a meaningful new year

By January 10, 2023

USA (MNN) — Last month, we reflected on the highlights of 2022 with Ron Hutchcraft of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries. Ten days into the new year, we’re looking at the possibilities ahead.

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Hutchcraft says you can take three lessons they’ve learned in 32 years of ministry and apply them to your life as the new year begins.

Lesson one: Listen well

Every new endeavor begins with a nudge from the Holy Spirit. This was true at the ministry’s founding in 1991, and it’s especially true in 2023.

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Isaiah 30:21 is fundamental in our ministry right now. It says, ‘whether you turn to the right or the left, you will hear a voice behind you saying, ‘this is the way walk in it,’’” Hutchcraft says.

“This is the time I need to be listening to those Holy Spirit promptings.”

Holy Spirit “nudges” will never contradict Scripture, so study God’s Word faithfully to ensure that your feelings align with God’s character and record.

Lesson two: Trust and obey

Once you understand God’s leading, follow through in obedience.

“We’ve been reading in Isaiah 54, and four words have come to our ministry like orders: ‘Do not hold back,’” Hutchcraft says.

“We’re closer to the return of Christ than we’ve ever been. I’m keeping my eye on the eastern sky because [there are] so many reasons to believe this world is moving into position for the glorious return of my Savior.”

When Jesus came the first time, he gave us an example to follow by doing spiritual works “while it is day” or while we can. Our lives are short, and we only have this present opportunity to steward the time, talents, and treasures God gives us.

Lesson three: Watch for opportunities

Speaking of stewardship and opportunities, the Lord may want you to partner with a group like Ron Hutchcraft Ministries. Check out RHM’s website here.

“We do the Gospel on the radio in the five most spoken languages in the world. This next year, we’re committed to being in two more of the most spoken languages on the African continent,” Hutchcraft says.

“We feel a great responsibility to continue this march of the Gospel through radio, [and] we’re looking forward to being in African French and Swahili [in 2023]. We are already broadcasting across Africa in English.”

Additionally, RHM is preparing a new small group tool to help everyday believers reach their loved ones for Christ. “Doors are closing; many opportunities [to reach people] are being limited,” Hutchcraft says.

“The very best messenger of the Gospel is not some program. It’s an everyday believer known and trusted by a lost person.”



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