Thrive conference empowers women missionaries

By August 29, 2014
thrive conference2
thrive conference2

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USA (MNN) — Ever wonder how God uses women in the global mission field? Advancing Native Missions’ (ANM) Thrive conference answers that question and more.

“Women have this great ability to reach out where sometimes others cannot,” notes ANM’s Autumn Nims. “God is using women more and more in the Church today to reach out.”

ANM created the Thrive conferences to connect women in the U.S. to international women missionaries.

“The International Women’s Ministry team at Advancing Native Missions brainstormed and came up with this event because women missionaries overseas need someone to advocate for them,” shares Nims.

“If women get involved in this and come to a conference and hear what we’re doing, it will be life-changing. We’re having one on the East coast and one on the West coast in September.”

Get more details and sign up for a Thrive conference here.

Nims says the women missionaries speaking at these events are coming from Egypt, Slovenia, Philippines, and Algeria.

“Folks are literally going to get a taste of what’s happening in God’s Kingdom around the world,” she notes.

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ANM’s Thrive conferences give women missionaries a platform.
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“Our goal for these events is to gain friends for missionary women who are working in difficult mission fields. Not only does this bless the missionary women…but all of the women that attend are encouraged by the testimonies.”

If you can’t make it to a Thrive conference this year, would you pray for women missionaries around the world?

“Pray that God’s message gets out to women, and pray that God would use these mighty vessels,” Nims requests.

“Pray for strength, pray for resources for them, pray for their safety. Many of the women that we work with work in secret [or] work in underground churches; some of them have been imprisoned for their faith.”

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  • Nona says:

    Would love to hear more about your ministry .

  • Sue Morris says:

    Thrive events and the missionaries sharing have touched me and helped me to focus my prayers on the needs of others. They are very special events. Come and see.

  • Renee Lilly says:

    I have been to all of the Thrive events and have seen many women’s lives changed because of the incredible testimonies they have heard! You cannot believe it until you have experienced it!

  • Clara says:

    I would love to attend the Thrive women’s conference as I’m a woman missionary who also works in these countries.

  • Am a woman with a passion of reaching the whole world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This has been my autimate vow. I will like to attend your next conference so I can learn from your world experience. Remain blessed.

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