Tigray Christians face ethnic tensions in Addis Ababa

By April 14, 2022

Ethiopia (MNN) — As the Ethiopian civil war drags on, Tigray remains cut off from the rest of the world. The northern region languishes in famine, and hospitals commonly run out of supplies.

Many civilians from Tigray have fled south towards Ethiopia’s capital of Addis Ababa. Eric Foley with The Voice of the Martyrs Korea says this includes many Christians. For example, Pastor T is a Tigray church leader who often cares for refugees from neighboring Eritrea. “Now, Pastor T and his church members have themselves become refugees.”

Nevertheless, these Christians continue to feed hungry refugees and have planted over 10 churches in the region.

Ethnic tensions

But as Tigray Protestants, their welcome in Addis Ababa hasn’t exactly been warm. Foley says, “Ethnic tensions are soaring due to this conflict in the northeast. These protestant Christians of Tigray ethnicity are viewed with deep suspicion and even hatred by the majority ethnic groups, which are of Muslim and Orthodox background.”

“It is impossible for them to just blend in.”

Ask God to strengthen these Tigray refugees. Foley says, “They even make a witness to their neighbors who are suspicious of them. As Orthodox Christians and Muslims see the Protestant Tigray Christians, pray they will be moved by their focus on the Lord and by their care for one another.”

Pastor T regularly communicates with Foley, who says, “On the one hand, he updates us on the dangers and difficulties. On the other hand, he sends us photos of the baptisms, of the kids that he’s feeding, and Eritrean refugees that he’s continuing to care for.”



The header photo shows several Christians who have just been baptized by Pastor T. (Photo courtesy of the Voice of the Martyrs Korea) 

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