Timid Thai people group boldly witnesses to community

By March 12, 2012

Thailand (MNN) — God is giving the Prai believers a burden to take the Gospel to their family and friends. And they're doing something about it.

New Tribes Mission reports that a timid group of people is boldly stepping out in faith to share the Good News.

Dave and Fran Jordan, who minister to the Prai people, told NTM that as a result of recent evangelism trips made by other Prai believers to a village three hours away, three families believed. Others quickly followed, putting their trust in the Lord as well.

On the last trip, says Fran Jordan, "They were urged to go into houses and teach; people followed them if they went to a new place…. In addition to the 15 or so new believers, there is good interest on the part of many more."

Jordan adds that recorded Firm Foundations Bible lessons are in use, and that many people are asking to be taught to read. Since most people over age 30 are illiterate, this is a great opportunity, reports NTM. Jordan notes, "For the timid Prai, this is an overwhelming response."

Prai believers are strategizing to help meet the needs for teaching Bible lessons and literacy. Some are planning for ways that they can free their time from other responsibilities to be able to help with teaching.

Pray for brand new Prai believers who need to be fed spiritually and cared for. Pray for God's wisdom and grace on the Prai church as they seek for ways to meet the needs for nurturing new believers and for continuing to share the Gospel in villages where God's Spirit is opening hearts and drawing Prai people to Himself.

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