Training for audio outreach leaders unites hearts

By June 5, 2007

Bangladesh (MNN) — Bangladesh's literacy rate is roughly 43%. That poses an interesting challenge for Scripture outreach among the illiterate. Fortunately, most people have access to a radio. 

Audio Scripture Ministries' Tom Dudenhofer says that's why they're sending their technology trainer to train national 'engineers.' "There's a real solid outreach program going on using the Scriptures in audio. A lot of people have come to the Lord through it. But right now, the technicians are needed to help use the equipment that is there and to continue to produce the kind of audio materials that are being used out in the areas surrounding the studio."

Dudenhofer says the situation can be fluid, so he urges prayer. "Pray for safety for not only our tech trainer, who's going to go to Bangladesh, but for safety in the country. Persecution by the extremists has happened there before, and on several visits, our people have had to be very careful–almost stay hidden–because of the way the militants track down Christians." 

Praise God with Audio Scripture Ministries as they continue to look back at 40 years of ministry (1967 – 2007) and look forward to future opportunities. Ask God to keep ASM focused and committed to the presentation of God's Word in audio. Also ask God to keep them sensitive to His leading.


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