Training helps new radio broadcasters in Senegal

By August 27, 2009

Senegal (MNN/PI) — Christian radio may be going on the air in Senegal, West Africa.

Inter-Senegal Mission, a partner of Partners International, hosted a seminar on Christian radio broadcasting for 12 eager participants to provide training as they launch a new radio station.

A radio frequency has been acquired, and many participants are willing to serve. All that is needed now are your prayers for their success. The station is strategically located halfway between the capital city and Thies, where ISM is headquartered.

This Partners-sponsored seminar was a follow-up to the October 2008 training, where 28 people attended. This year, only 12 were able to return, but the training encouraged and strengthened many.

Victor, an editor at the oldest newspaper in Senegal, said, "I believe that the Church in Senegal needs to have a voice. My experience is that Christian opinion is not always accepted in the local press. Because we are a 95 percent Muslim country, certain Christian beliefs are censored. If we want the populations to hear our voices, we need to work in order to put a Christian press group in place."

Victor added, "The advantage of a Christian press group is obvious. In other press, they bring up the topic — say, for example, rape. The advantage we have is that while we talk about the same subjects, we bring a supplement: God's way of seeing things and His solution. People need that, and they don't find it in the actual press."

Another attendee, Pastor Camille, said he wants to plead with and encourage church leaders to support the ministry because radio broadcasts go where other ministries can't. "It helps prepare the ground before we get there physically."

The seminar helped the pastors with interview techniques, producing radio reports, and tips for oral expression while recording a program. There was also emphasis on making programs communicate to all ages and all religions.

Many expressed regret that the seminar couldn't be longer, since there is so much to learn to successfully produce radio broadcasts. Charles, the facilitator for the seminar, said that in previous trainings in other countries, the people at the seminar started with lesser capabilities than the people who attended this seminar. "When I think of what they could be doing in the future , I'd say they have a range of people with real talent and abilities."

One of the radio follow-up committee members, Ruth, emphasized the benefits and needs. "For the people who cannot go to church, who are afraid of giving their lives to Christ, or are afraid of rejection by their family members or society, radio ministry will be an outreach for them to know Jesus and grow in their faith. We need your prayers to make this successful."

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