Training is essential for global church growth

By March 16, 2010

International (MNN) — India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal are areas of the world where being a Christian can be a struggle. It can cost you your life. Despite the struggles, many people are coming to Christ, and churches are growing at incredible rates.

Lars Dunburg with Global Action says this is a challenge. "There are not enough seminary-trained pastors to go around to all those churches," he says. "Some of them have absolutely no training."

Dunburg says that's why they've started Glomos, or Global Mobile Studies, for their village pastor program. "We launched this program 10 years ago, and so far we have trained a little over 15,000 pastors."

Without the program, "Heresy would creep in, and people wouldn't be fed," Dunburg says.

Currently, Global Action is hold GLOMOS in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Ukraine, El Salvador and Honduras. "People are standing in long lines to get into the programs because they have seen the effectiveness."

Global Action is doing this in six countries. "Every place has a waiting list of a couple hundred people, plus we have 30 countries that have asked for us to start this program."

GLOMOS is in-depth training. "It's an academic program, taught in a non-academic way," says Dunburg.

The year-long training is economical and effective. "Pastors get training and materials, and when they graduate we give them a library of 10 books because most of them only have the Bible. The program costs $930. That is one-percent of what it costs to put a person through seminary in this country."

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