Training lays groundwork for church growth in Ghana

By September 24, 2008

Ghana (MNN) — Bible students are taking their lessons to
heart and finding ways to change their communities, one person at a time. 

The Oasis International Training Center in
Prampram, Ghana provides both Biblical and vocational training at the secondary
and post secondary level.

All classes are taught in English by
instructors with extensive experience. Courses offered are Bible Theology, Church
Organization and Administration, Pastoral Studies, Church Structure, Basic
Computer Applications, Word Processing, Financial Management, English and Basic

Ambrose Brennan with Oasis says they're excited about things
happening through their Bible and leadership classes. "Some of our
students have initiated a prayer meeting here in Prampram. They've started  some intercessory groups there, and they're
having a really good effect, a good turnout, and it's kind of grown, and now
they're starting another one in the local village."

Several became Christians and are being discipled. Some of
the students shared the Gospel with family members who became believers and
eventually joined the ministry.  When
asked if the new ministries could translate into new church plants in and
around Ghana, Brennan said, "We're
thinking maybe there will be some churches developed, or if not that, then
there will definitely be some strengthening of the existing local

Brennan says they've been sharing the Scripture with their
students "Righteousness exalts a nation."
He says the region recently had a festival that many of their student
body refused to participate in because the activities were not pleasing to God.

He says actions like theirs don't go unnoticed. For example, the United States offers the 'Millenium
Challenge Account.' Brennan says, "They look for countries
that can govern justly. If the students
apply the biblical principles they're taught at the Oasis Training Center, it's
also having an effect nationwide." 

The team at Oasis believes that the leadership principles
they teach can translate into a financial investment in the country because the
people who are in leadership (i.e. some of the Oasis students) are governing

"The more we can instill these principles into our students,
the more they take to their communities. It's going to have an effect that will
help spread the Gospel and help the economy," says Brennan. Click
here for more information.


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