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Published on 07 December, 2010

Training mothers helps save children’s lives

International (MNN) — According to Medical Teams International President Bas Vanderzalm, 9 million children around the world die each year from preventable diseases. The lack of basic knowledge of how to  protect children from getting sick can be tragic.

Medical Teams International wants to save the lives of children from curable diseases that cause unnecessary deaths.

When their teams go into the communities to serve, Vanderzalm says they look for young children first. He affirms that children are the world's future, and helping them to survive is a priority.

Medical Teams International teaches mothers the basics of preventing illness and disease, such as hydration and nutrition.

"When mothers and families find that we are helping their children to survive and keeping their children healthy, they ask why we are doing this. They're drawn, then, to learn more about the faith that drives us," said Vanderzalm.

This leads team members to become witnesses to the people in the communities and share the love of Christ.

It costs $15 to train one mother. Vanderzalm said, "If someone were to contribute $15 to us, that would help touch the life of one mother who would then in turn be able to keep her children healthy." Click here to donate.

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