Training seminar for ministry to Muslims in Congo

By October 13, 2008

Congo-Kinshasa (MNN) — Grace
Ministries International
just launched a three-pronged evangelism and training
ministry initiative in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

The first prong involved two days
of training in Muslim evangelism for 40 church leaders. Training covered
problem solving and providing help in organizing two evangelistic campaigns to
be held before Christmas.

Just after the team laid the
groundwork on Muslim ministry, the second phase launched. The project was called "A Thousand Kids
for Christ."  

Primary school directors, high
school principals, chaplains and members of the core team from the Christian Education
department made up the roughly 50 participants.

The goal of this seminar was to
establish lines of communication, reports, identify new chaplains who can teach
religion classes, and hold weekly chapels for the students.

From there, the team taught the
chaplains how to use two or three different course manuals that have a new
style. Bill Vinton also taught the
school officials the concept of salvation to help them know how to reach
students for Christ.   

The seminar served a dual
purpose: not only to teach the teachers, but also to establish an infrastructure
for future ministry.

GMI hopes to distribute Bibles
and religion-teaching materials in French and Swahili, to serve as the foundation
to support an upcoming distribution of 30,000 copies of the Book of Hope.

Lastly, the GMI team used
the last seminar to kick off a new school year for the ministry's thirteen
Bible schools. The directors and teachers all received textbooks and attended an
administration seminar.

Please pray for the missionary
teams serving GMI in this region, as they cultivate the growth of new
ministries throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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