Transform Iran in 2023: “This is God’s success story”

By February 22, 2024

Iran (MNN) — Transform Iran celebrates God’s faithful work in the lives of Iranians as they look back on ministry highlights of 2023. 

Lana Silk with Transform Iran tells us, “This is God’s success story, and He is so good and so kind in allowing us to be part of it and to share in the joy of it.” 

Transform Iran’s different ministries work together to shepherd people through their journey with Christ. They offer many kinds of media and online resources for seekers as well as those who need discipleship, Bible training, and much more.

“There are (resources) that help people who are struggling emotionally with trauma, needing counseling. There are (resources) that help people who are academically motivated, who have questions (where) we go through apologetics,” Silk says, to name just a few.

“These are all different touchpoints in peoples’ stories that we know that they’ve come through and they’ve heard the Gospel, they’ve been pushed forward in their journey.”

Last year, more than 178,000 unique users came across Transform Iran’s websites.

(Graphic courtesy of Transform Iran)

“In fact, all the various sites together come up to almost 600,000 different times that Iranians received a form of the message of Jesus through the different (ministries). So that excites me,” Silk says. 

“I think about the people who called in — the hundreds and the thousands who had the conversations, who had the questions, who shared their testimonies and said, ‘My marriage was breaking down. Now it’s restored,’ ‘I’ve been dealing with addiction and depression. Now I’m healed.’ Those are the stories that I really want to celebrate. And I think God is amazing. He’s doing great work in Iran today.”

Visit Transform Iran to learn more about their ministries. Join in praying earnestly for Iran and consider how you might partner with them to reach the nation. 

“This is a land of opportunity when it comes to the Gospel. Whenever I share it with others, I come with an invitation, really,” Silk says.

“Because as Christians, we want to make a difference. We want to see the gospel preached, we want to see lives change. Well, if you want to see that happen, it’s happening today in Iran, and the invitation is there for you to join us. There is a joy in this partnership.”



Header photo courtesy of Transform Iran.

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