Transformation comes to Southeast Asia

By September 10, 2010

Southeast Asia (MNN) — There's a people group living in the remote eastern
highlands of Southeast Asia whose name means "people of the valley of the sun."

Contrary to the idyllic sound of that name, the Ketning people are actually
known for practicing cannibalism, exercising "black magic," participating in
revenge killings, venerating ancestors and partaking in animism.

However, there are over 15,000 Ketning people who now have a remarkable
story of transformation by the Gospel, with the help of The Seed Company.

Early evangelical efforts began among the Ketengban in the mid 70s. Then, the people received their first New
Testament in 1983. Today about 75% are
Christians because God's Word became accessible to them. Now, there are no
obvious animistic practices, syncretism or cults known
in their community.

However, it became increasingly obvious that these believers needed to put
the New Testament in the context of the Old Testament to deepen their
understanding of God's Word. 

In 2008, pastors began asking for help in translating critical Old Testament
portions. Partnering ministries came
alongside to help them establish new facilities for this work.  The Seed Company consultants, combined with technology
and a reliable internet connection, removed the last obstacles.

As a
result, the team has completed the final portions of several Old Testament
books and hopes to be finished with the project by 2013. They've also made great strides in worship and
recently finished translating hymns in the Ketning language.

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