Translation of the Asengseng New Testament continues despite distractions.

By October 14, 2004

Papua New Guinea (MNN) — The translation of God’s Word is persisting even with distractions in the city of Hoskins in Papua New Guinea.

New Tribes Mission teams are working on the Asengseng translation of the New Testament. On a special trip to check the translation of the Gospel of John, missionaries were confronted with a host of interruptions and distractions.

The persistent noises competed with each other to distract the team: a remodeling project next door, the AirNuigini jets roaring overhead, the loud drone of the groundskeeper’s lawn mower, school children in activity classes, telephone calls, interruptions from visitors and the driving rain.

But the team persevered and ended up accomplishing more than expected, checking not only John but 2 Corinthians as well.

Praise God for the progress of the Asengseng translation. Pray for continued encouragement for the missionaries and teams doing the work to provide the Gospel in the Asengseng language.

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