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Download Free Country Coloring Pages from Our Partner, SAT-7

Translation teams continue work despite food shortages in Uganda

By May 14, 2012

Uganda (AIM/MNN) — The Ik make up a small farming and hunting community
squeezed between the large, powerful Karamojong and Turkana pastoralist tribes
in northeast Uganda.

Traditionally a peace-loving people, they fight against
isolation and marginalization to overcome their difficult circumstances as
farmers and enter Ugandan national life as a people with their own culture and

The region is struggling through the dry season, and food
stores are running low. The new reports
from the United Nations food and Agriculture Organization indicate that the delayed
rainy season could lead to food shortage and higher food prices.

According to Africa Inland Mission partners working with the
Ik, many are already down to one meal a

There are no more beans, pumpkins, or fresh produce. Even the wild plants are dead and dying,
leaving the Ik with maize (corn) and water to stay alive. That's one challenge facing Bible

The second is that the Ik have a limited
church presence, and according to the Wycliffe Global Alliance, no pastors, no
Bible teachers, and of course, no Bible.  

But there is good news. AIM is helping with the  renovation of an unused building to serve in
the efforts to share the Gospel-one room will serve the translation work and
one room will serve as a medical clinic. Both are focused to bringing the
people into an intimate relationship with Christ.

The translation project is also going forward with some local men being
trained to assist the mission person. Pray for the team to understand the work
and to come to know the Author as Saviour and Friend.


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