Triad of countries getting literature boost

By June 22, 2012

USA (MNN) — Whether a missionary is closing the gap for the Gospel or ministering to an unbelieving majority, Christian Resources International (CRI) is there to supply books and Bibles for ministry.

Currently, CRI’s focus is to boost missionaries in Sudan, Nepal, and Ghana with their literature needs.

Beyond the obvious need for Bibles when spreading the Gospel, missionaries in these countries request Christian English literature. Ricardo Torez with CRI explains, “The missionaries use the English textbooks to teach English so they can be competitive in the marketplace in the world.”

Pairing the teaching of English with the spread of the Gospel is needed especially in countries like Sudan and Nepal where the overwhelming majority have never heard the message of Christ.

In the fall, CRI plans to ship a crate of Bibles and books to Sudan–a country where 8 out of 10 people haven’t heard the Gospel.

“[Sudanese] are heavily recruited to the Islamic type of thinking when it comes to radical religion, so we want to get the Word of God there,” says Torez.

Nepal has an even higher rate with 90% of the people unreached. Most of the population is heavily Hindu. CRI is partnering with a missionary there to change that.

“We just sent him a Great Crate, and he delivers stuff through the mountains; he delivers stuff to the different regions by mule back and by cart,” says Torez.

CRI is currently firing up another container for shipment to Ghana, their third country in focus right now.

Torez states, “20% in Ghana has been unreached, so we want to close that gap, We want to spread the Gospel throughout the entire country. They’ve got about 25 million people, and the missionaries there are doing work.”

These missionaries need not only the help of CRI, but CRI needs the help of the Christian community. They need book and Bible donations, and it costs $1 to ship one piece of literature.

You can click here to find out how to donate books, Bibles, or bucks to CRI.

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