Trial begins for believer held in prison for over a year

By April 10, 2009

China (MNN) — According to ChinaAid, a trial began yesterday in Beijing to decide the fate of one man in China who dared to distribute the Word of God.

Shi Weihan is accused of printing and distributing Christian books and Bibles without government permission.

Shi has been held in prison for over a year and hopefully will find out if he will remain there after today. Although on two separate occasions a judge has declared there to be insufficient evidence against Shi, the police continue to try to convict him.

This may be partly because Shi has confessed to distributing the books and Bibles. However, he says that he has not been selling them but giving them away. His explanation for such conduct is that whenever he gives the materials away, people's lives are impacted positively, they become better citizens, and they are less likely to participate in cultish activity. Shi's claim is that he is doing something good and honorable for the sake of China.

As Shi has waited in prison since March 19, 2008, he has been sorely missed by his wife and kids. His wife continues to help run a house church and care for their two daughters alone.

On a more positive note, it would seem that a Joseph parallel is taking place. Much like Joseph of the Book of Genesis, Shi has attracted the attention of the prison guards and his fellow inmates. He has had a positive influence on all of them and clearly stands firm in his faith despite the extended tribulation he suffers.

As the trial commences today, pray that Shi would once and for all be acquitted and released. Pray also for his family as they continue to feel the absence of their father and husband.

You can receive contact information to speak out on behalf of Shi Weihan by clicking here.

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