Tribal warfare interrupts SAT-7 crew in Egypt.

By January 12, 2007

Egypt (MNN)–A SAT-7 crew recently got caught up in tribal warfare while working on a documentary about the history of Christianity in Egypt.

The crew had received official permissionto be at the site, but while they were shooting, a group of six men with machine guns drove up, fired their weapons into the air,and ordered the crew to stop. SAT-7’s Hany Fayez explains, “Two Arab tribes in this area had a conflict about this land. They thought that we were from another tribe and they didn’t permit us to film so we had to stop filming and take our equipment and go away quickly.”

The interruption didn’t deter the team, although they had to use footage they already shot. Fayez says the program has an important message: learn from your history. “When the Christians were united, they could face any kind of problem. They maintained their faith and protected their faith during rough times. Now, we are seeing some conflicts between denominations, between leaders, which will really affect the Christian existence in the Middle East.”

The team is in pre-production on the documentary and hopes to see it air within a year. Please pray that God will protect all SAT-7 crews as they travel and record programs.

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