Trip deadline delayed just for you

By September 3, 2013

Guatemala (MNN) — Ever thought about what it would be like to come alongside and love a child who's been abused and neglected? These kids are just like any others: they want to be loved, they want to be needed, and they want to be safe. The problem is, trust is difficult.

Orphan Outreach is giving you a chance not only to help rebuild that trust, but to help these girls with outreach of their own. Where? In Guatemala

Kristy Simpson is the team leader. "We are taking a smaller team of about 12 people to Guatemala. We're going to be working in Chimaltenango, which is about 45 minutes outside Guatemala City."

Simpson describes the trip. "We're going to be partnering with a home that has about 20 teenaged girls who have been rescued from just horrific and abusive situations, and we're going to spend the week with them."

The group will actually help these Guatemalan teens reach out with the Gospel. Their focus: children who live in and around the dump. "Through Orphan Outreach, a school has been opened, so we are going to be putting on a VBS/summer camp type of activity for these children."

This is a unique type of trip because you'll be helping Christian young people do outreach. "These girls have a relationship with the Ravine School kids. Watching them share Christ's love with these kids is truly a picture of the Gospel. And it's absolutely a beautiful thing."

Unfortunately the trip will have to be canceled if they can't recruit a few more people. What kind of people are needed? Simpson says, "If you have a heart for children and for sharing God's love, we would love to have you join us."

Information about the trip can be found here. The deadline is just days away.

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