Trip to strengthen national church

By August 13, 2008

International (MNN) — Sam Vinton, executive director with Grace Ministries International, has been busy this past month continuing GMI's efforts to strengthen national believers.

Vinton's first stop on his trip was Tanzania where he taught a pastors' seminar and spent 16 days meeting with GMI missionaries and leaders from Tanzania Grace Church. GMI has 72 churches, six couples and a single missionary in that country. The daily ministry there includes evangelism, church planting, theological education, and community development. Tanzania is responsive to Christianity, and a new initiative has begun which focuses on clean water projects and agriculture, along with evangelism in fisherman villages in Rukwa Valley.

Next, Vinton traveled to Malawi, a small country in Central Africa with a population of 11 million. In this impoverished country, freedom of religion is promised, but some say that the 13 percent Muslim minority is favored. Several churches have already been planted and there is potential for many more to be established.

The All Africa Grace Leadership conference is being held August 12-16, led by Sam Vinton and pastors Ken Parker and Gary Leyendecker. 

Pray that Vinton's trip will be fruitful both in terms of present and future ministry.

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