Tropical storm a concern in Haiti

By August 5, 2011

Haiti (MNN) — Weather forecasters predicted as much as 20 inches of rain to hit Haiti yesterday, but it's uncertain what Tropical Storm Emily will leave in her wake. As the storm lumbered across the nation, the more than 600,000 Haitians living in tents and make-shift homes feared the worst.

Compassion International serves more than 66,000 children in Haiti. Compassion spokeswoman Kathy Redmond says, "People living in tents, living in that close proximity with still very little sanitation — that gets a little concerning."

While there are damage reports, exact figures aren't available yet. One thing is certain, says Redmond: "A lot of these people in the community, whether they're Compassion beneficiaries or not, go to the church for their supplies."

Compassion works through the local church because it helps them be valued in their community. "These churches are transforming whole communities. Where you would have lawlessness and that sort of thing, these churches make a difference. They are giving the Gospel, and you know, there is a battle going on in Haiti–a very spiritual battle."

Since the devastating earthquake struck Haiti over a year ago, churches continue to grow.

Child sponsors are needed to help fund the ministry of Compassion in Haiti. If you can't do a monthly commitment, you can still help through another program," says Redmond. "It's called Compassion's 'Water of Life' program. And for $55, you can buy a water filtration system that can go into a child's house and supply the entire with clean water for their lifetime."

Clean water is vital to their program worldwide. Redmond asks, "How many of the diseases that are responsible for the deaths of children — well, it's all about clean water. So, for $55 you can make sure these kids have clean water and it's in their house."

If you'd like to get involved in Compassion's work, click here.

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