Trouble mounts for the Church in Venezuela

By December 24, 2007

Venezuela (MNN) – The World Bible Translation Center is urging prayer for the Church and her members in Venezuela along the Colombian border. There are reports beginning to trickle in that believers there are starting to experience unrest and persecution.

Organizations like Voice of the Martyrs confirm the reports. Says Todd Nettleton, "There are some cases of Venezuela providing sanctuary for FARC guerrillas from Colombia, and in other cases, literally, persecution instances against the church in that particular area."

The Center has been using the Spanish Easy-to-Read Version in the region, which is written at a third-grade reading level. 

Since the religions of Latin America are so diverse, people searching for God need a Bible that is easy to read and understand. Providing the Gospel to those seeking a relationship with God has multiple approaches. 

Typically, the distribution begins with indigenous member churches, which in turn provide them to worshipers.   

Evangelists are also planting home churches in neighborhoods throughout Cuba that will have between 10 to 40 people meeting in each church. These churches have become very popular and are quickly providing the gospel to people that normally would not go to church buildings.

Pray that Christians continue to have boldness and wisdom as they continue to spread the Good News.

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