Truth of God’s promises proclaimed to Israelis

By November 3, 2008

Israel (MNN) — One missionary couple in Israel has been living out God's call by walking along Jerusalem's temple wall daily in prayer.

According to a Bridge International report, Bart and Joke Repko of Holland moved to Israel to pray and preach the Gospel to those willing to hear it. Since the Repkos moved to Israel two years ago, Bart has been taking prayer walks every day, joined by various people throughout the week. Occasionally visiting pastors, rabbis, tourists or people with a bit of curiosity will join Bart on his walk, praying for Israel and its people.

Once Bart reaches the Temple, he begins to read from his Bible, unashamed to speak out about God's promises for the nation. This includes passages about end times, in which Israel plays an extremely large part. Surrounding vendors, soldiers and passersby hear Bart preach every day about the truth of God's Word.

Bart has been welcomed fairly warmly by the people of Israel, including authorities and guards. Through God's direction, Bart has been able to create frequent fellowship with those who so desire it. Pray that God will bless the Repkos' ministry and speak through them to the hundreds of Israelites without Jesus Christ.

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