TURK-7 celebrates fifth anniversary

By October 13, 2008

Turkey (MNN) — Christian broadcasting company TURK-7 is getting ready to celebrate its anniversary. TURK-7 has maintained a ministry in Turkey for five years, creating the means to encourage Turkish Christians.

"TURK-7 exists to help support the minority Christians who live in Turkey," says David Harder of SAT-7 .

SAT-7 is a Middle Eastern Christian television broadcast that shaped TURK-7 into the program it is today. With the help of this ministry, TURK-7 has been able to take off and reach more people than just Christians in Turkey.

"[TURK-7] is also to let the wider Turkish community as a whole understand more about Christianity," says Harder. "Often they're told things about what Christians believe that simply aren't true." This outreach expands to neighboring countries including Iran, through multiple broadcasts.

TURK-7 has created their own programs, but is also implementing western Christian programs (such as VeggieTales) by using Turkish voicing. "These shows are so encouraging to the Christians who live in Turkey," says Harder. "These broadcasts really help them to stand firm in their faith, to learn more about Jesus and to learn more about the Bible.

This kind of encouragement is certainly necessary in Turkey, as well as neighboring countries that the station reaches. Several Christians have been martyred in Turkey in the past, and less than one percent of the population claim to follow Jesus. "But there is a Christian community there and they've been really struggling to survive for many, many years."

TURK-7 is grateful to be able to serve the kingdom through its encouraging broadcasts and plans to celebrate many more anniversaries along the way.

Pray for the necessary funding to come in to support the TURK-7 ministry. Pray also for the continued strength and boldness of Turkish Christians to share the Gospel of Christ.

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