Turkey: chaos, confusion, comfort

By March 31, 2016

Turkey (International Needs) — One would have to be living on another planet to not know that these are turbulent times in the Middle East and increasingly so in the Republic of Turkey.

(Photo courtesy of International Needs)

(Photo courtesy of International Needs)

Given the external forces of ISIS terrorist events and the internal rising tensions of the ongoing power struggle between the Kurdish PKK extremists, and the ever more dictatorial Turkish government, this has engendered a level of unrest and apprehension among the average Turkish citizen that has been absent for a long period of time.

As a minority population within the country at large, the Christian community is even more emotionally brittle and concerned as the political arena becomes more unstable and unpredictable.

It is in this challenging environment that Behnan Konutgan and the International Needs team must bring hope, comfort, courage, and focus to the Evangelical Church within Turkey. They are standing strong and faithful to their calling in the midst of an often chaotic milieu. All of this should come to us as a call to prayer as we support and encourage our team in Turkey.

In addition to the already mentioned circumstances is the ever-enlarging and geo-politically charged presence of the 2.5 million refugees who cry out for menial assistance and understanding that translates into hope for a future free of persecution, fear, and death. Behnan has visited, often at the request of local political officials or church congregations, most of the refugee camps providing critical resources like food, clothing, blankets, firewood, etc.

The International Needs team is developing an engagement with some of the camps where the circumstances will allow for longer term solutions and relationship building. This high priority ministry is being accomplished with limited resources; certainly, more is needed as the refugee quagmire deepens.

Thank you for your prayers and generosity toward the International Needs Turkey staff and families.


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