Turkish Christians assist Syrian refugees

By January 16, 2015
Syrian refugees
Syrian refugees

International Needs Turkey is supporting Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Turkey (MNN) — Syrian refugees are in the fight for their lives in Turkey. The Islamic State has forced thousands from their homes. Now they’re trying to survive in camps in snow and subfreezing temperatures.

International Needs Turkey Director Behnan Konutgan is with the refugees handing out warm clothing. “It’s 6 degrees centigrade below zero (21 Fahrenheit).” And it’s snowing.

The needs are great, Konutgan says. And while “the evangelical church [in Turkey] is very small, [they] have done marvelous things for the refugees. They are welcomed by the local authorities. They respect the churches, and they welcome us very well.”

It’s strange, because Turkey is predominately Muslim.

Konutgan says these refugees were stuck in the mountains without food or water. “When I say that this support comes from the churches, they say, “Ah ha! Because of the churches, we are safe.”

The stories from the mountains are horrible. One woman told Konutgan that some of women didn’t want to see their children suffer, so they threw them off the mountains to their death.

Another woman told him that she had given her daughters to a Saudi man and gave him $50. He said he would take care of them until after the conflict was over. She hasn’t heard from the man and believes her daughters were kidnapped.

Christians are meeting the refugees in their despair, providing hope found in Christ alone. You can help, too.

Konutgan says the refugees want to know about Jesus. And in the midst of tragedy, God is working. “They hear the Bible, so this is a good opportunity for the Gospel. I’m sure they will come to Christ Jesus. There are thousands of people among them who secretly say they love Jesus.”

The opportunities are limited only by money. Click here to help provide for the physical and spiritual needs of refugees.


  • It grieves my heart to hear about the suffering of fellow believers but
    thank God for the Jesus followers who are reaching to them with much
    love and grace. Psalms 56:9-11 “My enemies will retreat when I call to you for help. This I know, God is on my side. I praise God for what he has promised. I trust in God, so why should I be afraid? What can mere mortals do to me?

  • Nabel says:

    I am a new creation in Christ ,I accept Jesus before 8 years and i know in Turkey ,i would like joining you in your minstry.
    Later i was a volunter with missionary in Jordan and i was disciple between the Syrian Refugee.

    Jesus bless you

  • Hi,

    May God bless all your efforts in the mission fields. I would like to ask about joining to help the syrian refugees in the camps you have in Turkey.My friend, who would like to help there, is a Finnish believer lady, around 34 in age. She knows English very well and has been In the middle East before. Where are your refugee camps now in Turkey? Are you helping also refugees in Istanbul and in Izmir,too?.

    Thank you so much for your answer!
    Tellervo Väätäinen

  • Dear Sir,
    myself and a friend in England are looking to try and help refugees in Turkey next year, probibly late October/early November, paticulary in the area of providing some sort of cooking facility for isolated individuals and families. We have limited resources but want to help in any way we can. can you tell us more of what sort of things you are doing.

    Take care, Richard

  • I have a brother in Christ, who was forced to flee his country of Iran after almost being caught by police for sharing the message of Jesus…. he fled to Turkey, but he was unable to get work, and it has become difficult for him to manage; he is still be treated unkindly, as some people know that he is Christian…. he was staying in a home in Kastamanou, but was asked to leave at the end of this month…. please contact me with any information, or if there is anything that can be done to help him. Yours truly in a Christ, Rachel

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