Turkish churches helping with long-term quake recovery

By May 23, 2023

Turkiye (MNN) — Turkiye is at a crossroads as they rebuild not just earthquake-hit areas, but the country.

Bruce Allen with FMI says, “One hundred and forty-thousand square miles of terrain were literally decimated, which is the equivalent of the size of Germany.”

Hard-frame shelters for quake survivors in Turkiye. (Photo courtesy of FMI)

People are going back to work in some areas struck by the quake, but it varies. In a few towns, employment is up to roughly 50%. However, other towns like Antioch are still rubble and restarting business is not possible.

Churches supported by FMI have been providing food and emergency tents. “But now, the churches are building hard-frame shelters for the people,” says Allen.

“It’s still temporary shelter, but it’s better than the tents – a little bit larger as they’re moving into the summer months. There will also be an air conditioner unit for the tents.”

Most Turks are Muslim, and this is the first time many are hearing about Jesus.

“In this one tent city, about 15 to 20 people from Muslim backgrounds who have been touched by the testimony of Christians, they’re now joining daily with the Christians to pray. They said, ‘We want to hear more about Jesus. We want to understand how you pray.’”

All donations to FMI’s Hope Stands campaign for Turkiye relief are doubled this month! Give today at FMI’s website.

(Image courtesy of FMI)

“Pray for God’s provision for our Hope Stands campaign,” Allen asks. “We’d love to be able to bless our brothers and sisters in Turkiye with aid and say, ‘We’re standing with you in prayer, and here’s a tangible evidence that we stand with you.'”








Header photo courtesy of FMI.

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