Turkish young people face pivotal 2023

By August 18, 2022

Turkey (MNN) — FMI has begun ministry in Turkey, helping local churches and training local leaders.

Bruce Allen says about 70 young people recently gathered for a Christian camp. “On the final night, 20 placed their faith in Jesus Christ. And what’s amazing is that not all the campers came from Christian families. There were many, many Muslims among the campers, and their parents wanted them to go to a Christian camp.

“In fact, they had to sign a permission slip saying, yes, we know that our son or daughter will be attending this Christian camp.”

Turkish young people

It’s an interesting time for young people in Turkey. Next year, the modern Republic of Turkey will celebrate 100 years. The Turkish War of Independence lasted from 1919-1923, and featured campaigns by Turkish nationalist movements. It followed the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War I.

2023 will also bring President Erdogan back to the polls. Erdogan’s government has grown increasingly authoritarian, denying visas for foreign Christian workers and forcing them to move out of the country.

Allen says many young people in Turkey haven’t known anything other than Erdogan in power. “He’s been in power for decades. And he has grown more authoritarian, placing a little bit of a stranglehold on people. So there’s tension. Is the economy sinking because he’s been in power for so long?”

Get involved

Regardless of the election outcome, Turkish Christians know Jesus is the one on the throne.

Pray the churches will spread His love all around the country. You can also support them through FMI.



The header photo shows a Turkish boy reciting Bible passages he learned at summer camp. (Photo courtesy of FMI)