Turtle Island reservation youth flock to Christ

By July 15, 2011

North America (MNN) — Dozens of Native youth breathed life for the first time when recently confronted by 60 brave warriors.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries Native American outreach, On Eagles' Wings, has only just begun its Summer of Hope, but its already shaping out to be a radically transformative season.

Sixty Native American young people who attended the On Eagles' Wings Warrior Leadership Summit in June dedicated their summer to reach several reservations with the Gospel. Their first stop was Turtle Island.

A pastor on the wealthy reservation had been trying to get On Eagles' Wings to come to the area for nine years to reach out to kids the pastor's wife called "so hard." Despite the monetary success of the reservation, many youth on the Turtle Island reservation are still wrapped up in drugs, depression and depravation.

As On Eagles' Wings warriors came head-to-head with youth from the reservations, their hearts broke for them. Team members were in tears over their lost peers and were ready to share with them the Good News of the Gospel.

After multiple one-on-one conversations with Native teens struggling with all sorts of addictions, it came time for the transformed warriors to share their stories. One athletic young man shared his story of feeling like no one had loved him, but finding love in Christ.

Another young woman, told the surrounding crowd on the last night about how Jesus had brought her away from a life of drug abuse and through the heart-breaking experience of losing her fiancé.

Finally, a young warrior shared his story of a drug-wasted, suicidal life. He concluded by explaining the life that Christ offers and asking anyone who wanted that life to step forward.

The response was overwhelming.

One after another, people came forward to pray with the students until dozens filled the basketball court on which they were standing. Many were reborn that night.

Strategy for follow-up efforts is underway to ensure that the lives saved are discipled and nurtured.

The On Eagles' Wings Summer of Hope team will visit many more reservations this summer, but it's clear that God is using them and will continue to. Pray that the many Native youth who gave their lives to their Savior would grow and become deeply rooted in their faith. Pray for the summer warriors to be encouraged by this first outreach and to boldly proclaim Christ wherever they go this summer.

You can pray alongside this unique ministry this summer. Learn more about receiving a prayer kit.


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