TV and radio provide gateway for the Gospel in Algeria

By November 2, 2011

Algeria (MNN) — Algeria is one of the most unreached nations in the world for the Gospel. The mostly Muslim North African country is comprised of only 0.1% evangelical Christians, according to the Joshua Project. Operation World says Algeria is home to 41 people groups, 85% of whom are unreached.

It might seem hopeless upon first glance, but behind the scenes, the Gospel is moving at exponential rates.

"What God is doing in Algeria today is totally unique in history," says Operation Mobilization Algeria Field Leader, Youssef. "We have seen the power of God coming in amazing ways."

Since Youssef and his wife, Hee Tee, from Malaysia, began the ministry of the House of Hope in Algeria in 1996, they have witnessed God change hundreds of lives. The country has one of the fastest-growing churches in the Muslim World, which is also the third-largest evangelical church in the Arab World.

The church has a great deal of work to do, but Youssef and his team are making significant headway. Youssef himself comes from a conservative Muslim background, as do many of those who work with him, allowing them to relate easily with the demographic they are trying to reach.

After 15 years in Algeria, Youssef has been able to gather 40 adults to serve in the House of Hope's 10 ministries. This group seeks to bring the Truth they've found to people around the country through radio and satellite television, sports ministry, church planting, training, and micro-enterprise business, among other things.

One ministry in particular at the House of Hope brings Christ into homes across the country. The team knows that while Christian witness is limited and literature is not widely available, radio and television reach nearly everyone. Some of the House of Hope teammates even came to Christ themselves through TV and radio.

Several hundred seekers and new believers contact the team every month, often getting in touch through the phone number given during the radio or television programs.

Though offering a telephone number via satellite TV invites trouble, the team has been able to hear stories of how God is reaching people who might otherwise never have heard the Good News.
The media work started in 2001 by filming seminars at the Bible school. Now, the media team produces over 200 radio programs in local dialects and almost 200 television programs with testimonies and teaching.

Many have heard about Christ for the first time from these programs, and others have had visions of Jesus confirmed as they watch. "When I look back since 1996, the Lord has done great things," says Youssef. "The team is doing a wonderful job, and God is moving in amazing ways.

It is a dangerous mission. Algeria is ranked #22 on the Open Doors World Watch List for the persecuted church. Youssef and Hee Tee have been threatened by terrorists to cease their work. Pray that the Lord would continue to protect this team and to bless the spread of the Gospel through their work.

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  • Wally Perry says:

    I just read about your ministry through “House of Hope”. What a blessing it is to hear how the Lord is working through the work of Operation Mobilization in Algeria. I am a former OMer myself, having worked in the Operation Mobilization ships ministry (I lived and worked on the MV Logos in Europe and South America) back in the 1980s. I had the chance to work alongside OM founder George Verwer as well as with then Ships Ministry leaders George Miley and Dale Rhoton. Those years spent with OM were a time I will never forget. I am still working in missions with my home church here in Omaha, Nebraska, helping to challenge believers to get involved in missions around the world.
    I have experienced first-hand how dangerous missionary work can be, especially in a Muslim country such as Algeria.
    I would like to pray for you. Please drop me a line at my e-mail address. Thank you, and God bless you.

    P.S. If you have a facebook account, I send out daily devotional readings called “Words of Encouragement”. Just go to and look for my name, Wallace Perry. Hopefully this will be an encouragement to you as you walk with the Lord.

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