Twenty Years in Uganda

By August 17, 2016

Uganda (MNN) — There are few things as rewarding as seeing an investment of time, resources, and hard work come to fruition. For AMG International, 20 years of missions work in Uganda is exactly that; an investment.

“We have seen the Lord do amazing things over those 20 years. It has been wonderful, and it is amazing to see the lives that are being impacted and changed when the love of God is introduced,” says Tasos Ioannidis of AMG.

Their work has spread over almost every area possible, to every corner of need they can possibly reach throughout Uganda.

Photo Courtesy AMG International

(Photo courtesy of AMG International)

“We’ve seen thousands of children come out of poverty. Many come to saving knowledge of Christ. A lot of the work is in Muslim areas and they have been able to reach there. We have been able to provide medical care to people who’d otherwise not have the care they needed.”

And yet, even after two decades of work, they’re not done yet. Alongside their excitement over their 20-year missions outreach, “We are also celebrating the opening of a brand new nursing school. There is a great need for nurses in Uganda, and by constructing this school and opening this school, we’ll be able to train many young individuals to serve in the medical field.”

These long years haven’t come without their challenges. From religious conflict to diseases like malaria, there have been hard battles throughout AMG’s time in country. Yet even those fights are starting to be won.

Take HIV for instance. AMG works with many children who struggle with this disease, and despite their challenges, it’s not often that you’ll see the kids without smiles on their faces. “25 years ago, their future would be much bleaker with the same conditions they are dealing with now, so the country’s changing,” remarks Ioannidis.

Photo Courtesy AMG International

(Photo courtesy of AMG International)

And instead of seeing challenges, AMG sees opportunity to come alongside the hurting when they most need healing.

“When people see that you generally care for them, that you want to truly meet their needs, that you care for them as individuals, it just naturally opens the way for questions, ‘Why are you doing this?’”

Ioannidis says AMG workers always try to back up their words with action, and more importantly, the love of Christ.

“God wants us to love people, and when we love people, the rest of the opportunity to share about Christ comes out naturally,” explains Ioannidis. “He always cared for the needs of people in the fullest fashion. He cared for their physical needs, he cared for their spiritual needs, and that’s what we are doing today.”

If you want to get involved with the work AMG is doing, we’ll connect your right here. As always, remember those in Uganda in prayer.

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