Twin mosque blasts kill 60

By October 3, 2023

Pakistan (MNN) — Pakistan’s caretaker government members promise to compensate the victims of Friday’s deadly attacks.

A pair of suicide bombings in Baluchistan province killed at least 60 people and wounded dozens more. “On Friday, a suicide bomber ripped through a procession celebrating the birth of Prophet Muhammad,” FMI leader Nehemiah says.

No group has taken credit for the explosions, but the Pakistan Taliban – known locally as TTP – immediately said they were not involved. Meanwhile, the Islamic State is known for targeting religious gatherings.

“This is a wave of terrorism in Pakistan; one or two incidents are happening daily,” Nehemiah says.

“Hours ago, in a gun battle that lasted all night, police [fought in?] an ambush by more than a dozen militants on a police post in […], killing two attackers and policemen.”

Pakistan’s army struggles to secure the country as terrorist groups seek to fill a leadership void.

“There is no federal government, and [the] Election Commission has not announced yet when they will conduct elections in Pakistan,” Nehemiah says.

Yet believers press on to make Christ known. You can learn more and support pastors and church planters in Pakistan through FMI here.

“Our partners are serving God faithfully in this very, very hostile and difficult situation,” Nehemiah says, but “serving in challenging and hostile environments can be exhausting.

“Please pray for spiritual and emotional strength. Pray that they (believers) find strength and endurance to continue their mission.”



Header image courtesy of FMI.

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