Two Bible ministries join forces

By January 24, 2012

England (MNN) — Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) is pleased to announce a new expansion of a longtime partnership with United Bible Societies (UBS). The two Christian organizations, each committed to providing God's Word to all the peoples of the world, have agreed to a collaboration that will lay the groundwork for unprecedented access to digital Bible text and audio. This is accomplished by an agreement that brings together UBS's Digital Bible Library and FCBH's Digital Bible Project in a way that will leverage technology for greater access, while also improving efficiency and reducing duplication of work and services.

Since UBS and its members have worked closely with FCBH for many years, this new agreement can realistically be viewed as a 21st century extension of decades of mutually committed efforts in the field of Bible engagement and Scripture literacy. It is a logical next step to providing the Word of God to all peoples of the world.

Jerry Jackson, FCBH founder and president, states, "We have deep respect for every member represented by United Bible Societies and all of the translation ministries we have partnered with the past forty years. Over 200 years of determined commitment to translation and Bible distribution is testimony to God's anointing on their work to provide His Word in all spoken languages of the world."

Jackson continues, "It has been our privilege to follow behind and record their translations, especially for the visually impaired and those unable to read. Our hope is that this formal collaboration will make God's Word more readily available to all who want it."

Michael Perreau, UBS Global General Secretary responded, "FCBH have been faithful servants to the Bible cause, making the Word of God available to so many through their audio ministry. They have consistently shown leadership in the application of new technology to the challenge of reaching all peoples with God's Word. FCBH makes a very significant contribution towards our global goal of ensuring all illiterate and sight-impaired men, women and children have the opportunity to hear the Gospel."

UBS is an international fellowship of 145 Bible Societies working in 200 countries and territories. Since 1988, UBS and its constituent national Bible Societies have provided the backbone of Faith Comes By Hearing's international programs. Bible Societies in more than 60 countries endorse, facilitate, or implement FCBH listening groups. In addition, more than 344 FCBH Audio New Testament recordings use UBS-member translations.

Faith Comes By Hearing is especially pleased to see this partnership flourish to new heights as they enter their 40th year in ministry. Having begun as a cassette lending library in 1972, the ministry now has Audio New Testaments in over 600 languages and is moving forward with a deep commitment to using every technology available to increase worldwide Bible access and engagement, with the ultimate goal of fulfilling the Great Commission in our lifetime.

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