Two of China’s most prominent seminaries are being ministered to

By December 12, 2012

China (MNN) — For years, the Voice of China and Asia has been serving rural China by delivering deeply desired Bibles for believers. Their goal has been to quietly meet the need and move on, but they were recently presented with an unexpected opportunity.

Because pastors in rural China are often untrained, VOCA began providing many of them with a 2,000-page Pastor's Study Bible along with training on sermon preparation. Then, VOCA was invited to minister in two of China's most prominent seminaries.

They just returned from a journey where hundreds of students from the two seminaries sat under their teaching for two days at each location. The students were excited to receive the study Bibles along with training on sermon preparation.

Because of this opportunity, VOCA must start planning their outreaches months in advance. They plan on tripling their training in 2013.

To meet those challenges, their teaching teams will have to divide and multiply. They are now recruiting rotating teams of pastors from all over North America to come and help them.

VOCA came to serve the poor, yet the Lord has also placed them in pulpits before China's next generation of pastors and teachers. 

They are also accepting applicants to join in rural China to verify and deliver 48,000 Bibles in May 2013.

VOCA asks for prayer as they start this journey. Pray that qualified pastors will join their team. Ask God to deliver a great team for the distribution of Bibles in May. Pray that they also get enough funds to purchase the amount of Bibles they need.

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