Two products help disability ministry

By May 21, 2009

USA (MNN) — Two inventions are helping a ministry that's reaching out to the developmentally disabled in the United States. Shepherd's Ministries based in Union Grove, Wisconsin, has been given a couple of gifts the will keep on giving.

The program director of Shepherd's Enterprises Allan Castelli says, "Two supporters of our ministry came to us and said that they had a product that they had invented and patented, and they wanted to give it over to us to produce and sell to support the ministry."

Castelli describes the products. "The first is a mini-camera handle called the Clic-Stic. And the second one is an EZ Carry. It carries dry wall panels. It's small and portable and fits in your pocket."

The Clic-Stic was designed to help people hold on to today's smaller cameras. The EZ Carry was designed to help a person carry a piece of dry wall by himself.

Castelli says these products are already helping their work. "The products [have been produced] just a few short years now and they're starting to sell and it's interesting to see how that's taking off."

The production of the products are done by 92 developmentally disabled residents and workers at Shepherd's. Castelli says, "We want them to be independent. And, these are the types of things that help them do that."

As they're able to share their story about the inventions and as they work with their retailers, he says, "Whether we're working with a plastics company, or a packaging company, we are not ashamed of the Gospel, and we will share the Gospel with anyone willing to listen. And to be honest with you, the residents do it better than even the staff. So if we can get people on campus, they're going to hear the Gospel."

If you'd like to purchase one or both of these products, click here.

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